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Top 5 WebSites To Get Digital Marketing Internship

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Tips Before Getting Internship

First of you should understand that rise in the use of internet and social media has increased awareness among people for digital marketing jobs (as they are so good) for cracking good internship job your profile should be a well prepared will ever skills that required for digital marketing whether it SEO, FB Ads, Blogging, Email Marketing, Etc. Especially YouTuber are preferred so if possible start a channel on Youtube . As you go Each was on planet Just remember this

Sand out to stand Apart




Internshala is one of the most preferred websites for searching Digital marketing internships in India.

They provide internships in various domains such as engineering, management, design, content writing, etc. In addition to these, Internshala also provides Campus Ambassador Program.

All the internships come with a stipend and certificate. For NGO internships, the stipend may not be available but it will be mentioned on the site.

A lot of companies are registered on Internshala, so there is a good chance that you will land on an internship of your choice. However, most of the companies are start-ups


2. Lets intern


4 million students across the globe use Letsintern to find Internships of all forms (Internships, Visual Internships, Brand Evangelists, Volunteer Opportunities, Campus Ambassador and Full-time jobs). With more than 30,000 organizations onboard we are transforming how talent meets industry.

3. Indeed

65% of all people hired via online application in the US came to their employers via Indeed.

Indeed goes to a lot of work to keep the jobs listed there legit, real and fresh.

Even in it has a very decent profile you can just try anyhow just keep on each different websites

4. Linkedin 

Linkedin has become one of the most popular social media platforms to find jobs and internships with its new specialized algorithm and the ability to connect better. It focuses on professional relationships and growing connections.

A lot of students already know about it, but in case you don’t, do not worry. Once you get the hang of how it is done, especially establishing connections, it gets even easier.

Here are the steps you should do –

1. Build your profile

2. Find people you want to do an internship with.

3. Engage with who you want to work with.

4. Approach them.

Go and start searching for the right Internship now!

5. Facebook 

you can also try joining different groups community and look constantly for the opportunity you just have to put in lots of efforts to get it done, just message lots of people, ask them is there an opening.

Don’t get frustrated you cant find it in 2 -3 days keep on looking , good things take time………….


This is a very crucial step towards game-changing

connect with digital marketers whether it is free lancer or owner of institute or working professional work for free if they agree you must learn QUALITY of work , and work on live projects as much as possible .


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