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Top 7 Qualities Digital Marketing Freshers Are Expected For Job

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Before getting Started 

When you 1st join the company you will be given light tasks such as their helping hand so you must maintain a blog so that they can see you are good at content writing because content is the king and other related stuff like copywriting etc. so you must maintain a blog.

1. Communication skill

It is a must skill that every marketer needs because you have to coordinate with different people. You  will be given tasks such as creating reports with the sales team , when your manager is absent you will need to talk with your super boss in that case you will need words to deal with a senior colleague for that you just need good communication skill

2.E-Mail Marketing

You will not be required high knowledge of email marketing but all the basics like creating a campaign taking reports and sending it to the manager and at least you must know how to use email marketing tools like Sendinblue MailChimp Zapier ETC.

3. Link Building Ability

You will be asked to build a link for certain blog post which is almost 30% task in SEO. How innovatively a fresher can build a link and innovative ways to outreach other people.

3.Social Media Mangement

The ability to handle social media of clients and grow their followers and schedule post, actively reply to comments. Get yourself familiar with popular social media platforms because the different clients will need different platforms to grow their business.

4.Google Analytics

This task is done by the seniors’ ones but you should know the basics of it. Sometimes you may ask to take out weekly analytics.

5. Internet Research Skill 

Internet Research Skills is a clear, concise guide to effective online research for a particular topic such as a blog post new content for youtube video it all depends on which company you join.

6.Reporting Ability 

Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint presentation for making a report it is a basic nowadays your manager or clients can ask you for the weekly reports of data so you should at least prepare an MS Excel Sheets.

7. Understanding WordPress

The knowledge of using WordPress only the basics like posting, customize page, upload video, link a form, creating a form, designing your post, adding kinds of plugins, etc.

If a smart person is hiring you will definitely check how active you are on social media what comments you put Everything and how self promoter you are is like the ability of selling yourself

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